Audio Sermons


NOVEMBER 2016    
 What the Crowd Can't Do Tyler Stevison  
Fighting for Our Future Tyler Stevison  
The Doorway to Divine Demonstration Tyler Stevison  
The Little Foxes Never Stay Little Tyler Stevison  
Leaving the Land of Low Expectations Tyler Stevison  
Fashioned By Our Failures Tyler Stevison  
The Measure of Man Damon Magee  
DECEMBER 2016    
Answering the Call of Christmas Damon Magee  
Roadblocks to Revival Damon Magee  
Staying in Rhythm Damon Magee  
The God Who Sees Me Chance Lewis  
JANUARY 2017    
Pivotal Moments of Worship Greg Albritton  
Living in a Broken Box Edward Hosmer  
All In Series Damon Magee  
All In Series - Time Damon Magee  
All In Series - Talent Damon Magee  
Don't Be Detoured by the Dirty Coat Damon Magee  
All In Series - Treasure Damon Magee  
Lawlessness Keith Fletcher  
FEBRUARY 2017    
This One Thing Damon Magee  
Perpetual Fire Damon Magee  
Winning the Triple Crown Ronald LaCombe  
Facts Fight Against Our Faith Ronald LaCombe  
Where Did It Fall Mark Drost  
I am Pregnant with a Miracle Mark Drost  
Hunger for Revival Mark Drost  
 Sustaining the Supernatural Damon Magee  
What Do You Expect Damon Magee  
MARCH 2017    
Start Tim Mahoney  
Crosscurrents Tim Mahoney  
Preserving Kings Damon Magee  
The Blessed Way is to Obey Carey Pitts  
Where God Dwells in the Day of Trouble Damon Magee  
Open the Gates Sammy Sherrill  
Welcome to the Good Ole Days Sammy Sherrill  
Identified By Faith Sammy Sherrill  
APRIL 2017    
The Choice Damon Magee  
How To Avoid a Snake Bite Damon Magee  
Spring Cleaning Damon Magee  
The King of the Curse Damon Magee  
Acts 2:38 Ryan Ware  
The Plot or The Plight Josh Payne  
Don't Take the Bait Carey Pitts  
Scuttle the Ships Ben Austin  
MAY 2017    
The King is Ready Damon Magee  
A Cause Which Cannot Be Contained Damon Magee  
The Mother's Motive Damon Magee  
If We Neglect Damon Magee  
JUNE 2017    
A Revival of Pentecost Damon Magee  
This is That Damon Magee  
The Gates of Hell Damon Magee  
Moving to Higher Ground Jon Welch  
A Father to Follow Damon Magee  
The Success of Samson Damon Magee  
David's Dysfunction Didn't Determine David's Denouement Carey Pitts  
JULY 2017    
I Didn't Survive That Just to Die in This Mark Winters  
No Leftovers Damon Magee  
How Much Do You Owe and To Whom Do You Owe It T.D. Cardwell  
The Cry of The Lost Jon Welch  
Notable Miracles Jon Welch  
 Fighting Fire with Fire Mark Drost  
AUGUST 2017  View YouTube Channel  
 Even Now I Know Jerry Jones  
Making a Place for Your Miracle Jerry Jones  
Tell It All Damon Magee  
Taking the Fight to The Enemy Damon Magee  
Deliverance is In Your Hands Damon Magee  
In the Storm Damon Magee  
Beyond Transformation Damon Magee  
SEPTEMBER 2017    
Connected to The Source Stan Cook  
Tapping In To Deliverance Damon Magee  
What Lies at The Gate of Breakthrough Mark Drost  
When God Breaks the Unbreakable Mark Drost  
Finishing the Race Damon Magee  
Yet Praise Aaron Deglandon  
The Restraining Releasing Power of God Terry Shock  
Abraham, Isaac, Jacob:  Who to Lose Terry Shock  
OCTOBER 2017    
By Faith Noah Damon Magee  
A Church That Won't Rest Damon Magee  
The Value of a Trip to God's House - Part 1 Damon Magee  
The Value of a Trip to God's House - Part 2 Damon Magee  
Heath or Health Carey Pitts  
The Fellowship of Suffering Damon Magee  
A Promise for the Hungry Damon Magee  
The Next Generation Damon Magee  
Agitators of the Adversary Damon Magee  
Armed But Not Dangerous Damon Magee  
The Wilderness John Berry  
NOVEMBER 2017    
 Onward King's Temple Onward  Jerry Dean  
 75 Years Calvin Jean  
 Get Ready King's Temple Derald Weber